Top 10 - 28 Weeks Later (2007)


Rose Byrne and Imogen Poots in 28 Weeks Later () Robert Carlyle in 28 Weeks Later () Catherine McCormack in 28 Weeks Later () Juan Carlos. 28 Weeks Later is a horror film directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. A sequel to the film 28 Days Later, it stars Robert Carlyle, Rose Byrne, Jeremy.

While 28 Weeks Later lacks the humanism that made 28 Days Later a classic, it's made up with fantastic atmosphere and punchy direction.

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Sequel to 28 Days Later and a much better film. Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo draws it out into a series of superbly sustained suspense. 28 Weeks Later is a British post-apocalyptic horror film, and the sequel to the film 28 Days Later. The film was directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. 28 Weeks Later movie reviews & Metacritic score: 28 Weeks Later, the follow up to 28 Days Later, picks up six Fox Atomic | Release Date: May 11, | R.

In this chilling sequel to 28 Days Later, the inhabitants of the British Isles appear to have lost their battle against the onslaught of disease, as the deadly rage.

28 Weeks Later is a bloodier, scarier, and arguably better film than the original. Much like Dawn of the Dead or Aliens, this is the very model of. All Rights Reserved