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Cool fashion makes the man! With a hip leather jacket and skintight t-shirt, this 3D casual s outfit fits all your Genesis male characters. Top; Pants; Shoes; Jacket; Belt; Watch; Necklace; Earrings; Sunglasses; Adjustment morphs. Feet pose; Alternate UV mapping for improved appearance with.

Fifties Favorites for Casual Male in People and Wearables, Clothing and Genesis. Compatible Software: DAZ Studio. Required Products: Casual Mean Streets is a 3D outfit for your Genesis Male characters that makes a bold urban statement. Included are a driving coat and cap, a button-up shirt, a V-neck . Get your doctor to work in Mad Doctor for Genesis Male, an extensive collection of 3D medical clothing and accessories. Included Poser Companion Files make.

Preppy for Genesis in People and Wearables, Clothing and Accessories, 3D Models by Daz. Add to Cart Casual for Genesis Male. $ Classy. Trying to compile a comprehensive list of vintage (s/s) 3d assets (hair, . http://www. ETA: And lots of free.

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