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Today terror suspect faces a judge in court for the massacre in Oslo, Norway. He is suspected of killing 93 people at the youth camp in the name of "revolution.". A slideshow of the manifesto of alleged gunman Anders Breivik has appeared on the internet. Like us on Facebook at.

The following video is an overview of Anders Behring Breivik's manifesto title “ – A European Declaration of Independence”. A picture of Anders Behring Breivik taken from a book downloaded from a He created the manifesto and the video long before the attacks in. Anders Behring Breivik since legally Fjotolf Hansen and also known by his pseudonym . Breivik's manifesto included writings detailing how he played video games such as World of Warcraft to relax, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

The court was played Breivik's video 'manifesto' in which he calls for his secret order of Knight Templars to rise up against Europe's takeover by.

In this 12 minute vidéo titled " – a European Declaration of Independence" and posted a few hours before his deadly killing spree, Anders Behring Breivik.

manifesto attributed to Norway attacker Anders Behring Breivik appears A video titled Knights Templar and posted on YouTube has.

jul LA UT VIDEO: Terrorsiktede Anders Behring Breivik (32) har i har før angrepene publisert et langt manifest og en video på internett, der han. 5 days ago Anders Behring Breivik is the man accused of killing 77 people during Hours before the attacks, Breivik e-mailed a 1,page manifesto to. Anders Behring Breivik, at right, in a screen shot taken from his short-lived YouTube video, a still of which is seen at left. CBS/YouTube/TV2.

Oslo authorities believe Anders Behring Breivik posted video mere hours before killing spree; clip joins page online creed. Anders Behring Breivik (or Fjotolf Hansen after undergoing a name change in ) is the His manifesto paints the fifties as a golden age for Europe and goes on to state that . also provides a link to a Christopher Monckton video. Anders Behring Breivik Lists Favorite Books, Music, Video Games Breivik enumerated his ideas in a 1,page manifesto titled - A.

A file on the Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik and his view of the The entire manifesto was written on the basis of online sources. All Rights Reserved