Options Explained (Finance & Capital Markets Series)


Videos on finance and macroeconomics. Finance and capital markets Stocks and bonds Collateralized debt obligations: Options, swaps, futures, MBSs, CDOs, and other derivativesCredit default swaps: Options, swaps, futures, MBSs, . In finance, an option is a contract which gives the buyer the right, but not . one or both of which may be a dealer or market-maker. Options are part of a larger class of financial instruments known as.

Options are derivatives of financial securities—their value depends on . This means that option holders sell their options in the market, and.

Capital markets are composed of primary and secondary markets. The most common capital markets are the stock market and the bond market.

Financial markets are where traders buy and sell assets such as stocks, bonds, derivatives, The Stock Market is a series of exchanges where successful corporations go to raise large amounts of cash to expand. . How Do Options Work?. Capital Market is the market in which long term financial instruments, such as rights, mutual funds, and other derivative instruments (options, futures, etc.). Understanding Capital Markets - Tools for Enhancing The Stock Market the Stock Market Game™: Invest it Forward™ video series is "Understanding . Without markets for stocks and bonds, business owners would have fewer options to.

Capital markets include stock and bond markets, and derivatives markets include futures and options markets. Investors may invest in these markets directly.

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